Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a special holiday with relevance that only continues to become more apparent in our everyday lives. Of course, things have improved for African Americans since the assassination of Dr. King fifty years ago. Still, the words of the late leader ring true today. Dr. King was on a mission to battle financial inequality when he died. He was a critic of capitalism and believed a democratic socialist system would root out systematic and institutionalized racism that he believed was tied to American politics.

King realized in his battle for social equality that financial inequalities were the root of the issue. For example, conservative new sites enjoy displaying the fact that African Americans are a small part of the population (about 13 percent), but contribute to the most crime. When looking at the issue from a world view though, no matter the country you examine, the communities with the worst poverty have the highest crime rates. Dr. King realized that the conditions of poor communities led to higher crime rates and in turn, a cycle of destruction. He strongly believed that by elevating the poor financially, several components of racism would become ineffective. 

Dr. King's battle for social justice, financial freedom, and civil rights made him one of the most important men in American history. Celebrities all over the nation took to social media to praise Dr. King on his revered holiday. From Pharrell to Big Boi, check out the artists that honored MLK on his day.