Fresh off the release of his great new album King's Disease, Nas is doing a promo run (or as close to a promo run as you can get during the pandemic) to speak about some of the hot topics discussed throughout his career.

Notably, the release of King's Disease brought back a longstanding theory that Jay-Z intentionally releases music on the same days as Nas so he can outshine him, especially considering he was featured on the new Pharrell song "Entrepreneur," which released on Friday too. 

Fans have been spreading rumors that Jay-Z seeks out Nas' releases to drop his own music, marking some extremely petty behavior. While it's possible that he does that, Nas doesn't believe it's anything malicious. In fact, he told The Breakfast Club that it's probably just a coincidence.

"I think maybe there's an energy that we both have where maybe we work around the same time," said Nas before DJ Envy cut him off to give him a rundown of some of the times Jay-Z has dropped at the same time as him.

He was surprised that it happened so often but still, he's not convinced it's intentional.

"That's a hell of a coincidence," said Nas.

In the same interview, the legendary rapper spoke about whatever happened to his collaborations with The Notorious B.I.G., revealing that he was supposed to work on a few songs with the rapper, including a remix of "Gimme The Loot," but that the weed they were smoking in the studio was so strong that he ended up getting too high and he completely zonked out. 

Apparently, Biggie was rolling up some weed and he didn't warn Nas of how potent the strain was, resulting in a day-long wooziness for Nas that didn't wear off quickly enough for them to formally collaborate.

Watch the full interview below.