Nate Diaz is a legend in the UFC and fans are always looking forward to his fights as they know it's typically going to be a war. He has an all-or-nothing mindset which typically leads to some unreal matches, and Saturday night was certainly one of them. The fighter went up against Leon Edwards and right out of the gate, it was clear that Edwards had the upper hand. After three rounds, Diaz was battered and blood was leaking all down his body, yet he kept going like a warrior.

Diaz even had a huge gash on the side of his head although he paid it no mind. Instead, Diaz continued to push forward, and eventually, he landed some huge blows that almost won him the match. Instead, Edwards survived the barrage which ultimately allowed him to get the unanimous victory.

Nate Diaz

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Despite the loss, Diaz was universally praised on social media as fans gave their props to a legend of the sport. His bloody body led to some respectful memes, and it's clear the fighter left a huge impression on everyone who got to witness the match. It was a truly special moment for the UFC and it's one that won't be forgotten, for a very long time.

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