It appears Nate Dogg is getting a fancy new tombstone, and his family wants it to look like Eazy-E’s. According to TMZ, the late rapper hit up Tim Cemetery, the man behind Eazy-E's updated gravestone, to do give Nate’s bland tombstone a new facelift.

Nate's family saw how Tim worked wonders with Eazy-E’s new gravestone this week, and they wanted something similar for Nate. If you missed it, Eazy-E got his extravagant tombstone on what would have been his 55th birthday earlier this week on September 7th. 

The headstone will reportedly take about 60 days to be designed, manufactured and delivered. Sources say the target date for the unveiling the new tombstone is December 1st. Nate Dogg, who was 41 when he died back in 2011, is buried in his native town of Long Beach, California at Forest Lawn cemetery.

We’ll show you the tombstone itself when it gets unveiled in December. (Below, is Eazy-E's new tombstone)