Since being brought to our attention, Bezos' feud with the National Enquirer has gone through hell and back. It all came to pass when Bezos reached a threshold of anger, after seeing his name dragged one too many times in the tabloid section. 

Bezos's first move to mediate the situation saw him claw back from his own media chair, the Washington Post. Although his efforts would prove effective across bipartisan lines, the National Enquirer did manage what they thought was the last laugh: an excavation into his personal life with eye-popping sexual overtones.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

The National Enquirer was able to leverage Bezo's marital fallout to their advantage, by finding a willing party with access to Jeff's text message history or insider knowledge - someone with a personal connection to his rebound lover Lauren Sanchez, this according to authorities apprised of an internal investigation.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Lauren's brother Michael Sanchez was paid $200,000 to recover Bezo's "dick pics." Nonetheless. Bezos has maintained a strong front despite the constant threat of retaliation, rather than "capitulate to extortion and blackmail," at the hands of the Enquirer, or any of Donald Trump's media strongholds. The unearthing of Michael Sanchez as a culprit in the mess certainly bodes well for him, especially from a PR perspective.