Today is National French Fry Day, which is a munchie lover's favorite holiday. The deep fried potato strings originated somewhere in Europe, with France, Belgium, and the Netherlands all claiming to have originated the world-famous food. National French Fry Day takes place on a Friday, as the pun fits well with the holiday. There are several different restaurants participating in the celebration by offering various specials for customers to get their hands on the golden crisp potatoes. Here is a list of where you can go today for the hook-up. 

BurgerFi- BurgerFi is giving away free regular fries with no additional purchase necessary. Now that's a deal. 

Burger King- A coupon from BK's app will get you two small classic fries and two Original Chicken Sandwiches for $4.99.

Burger Monger- Burger Monger's in the Tampa, Florida area are offering free fries with the purchase of a sandwich and a drink.

Checkers- Joining the Flavorhood program will get you a coupon for a free large order of fries with any purchase.

Dunkin' Donuts- At 25 Dunkin’ Donut locations in the U.S., the first 100 customers get a free order of donut fries from 10 AM to 2 PM.

Farmer Boys- Farmer Boys in California are offering free fries with the purchase of a burger.

McDonald’s- Download McDonald's app to receive a coupon for free fries with the purchase of anything costing $1.

Taco Bell- Taco Bell is back at the perfect time with their Nacho Fries. They aren't free, but at least they're back on the menu.

Wayback Burgers- Wayback Burgers is giving customers bottomless fries with the purchase of a burger or sandwich.