Every single scene coming out of the United States has been quite disturbing, to say the least. Following the police killing of George Floyd, thousands of people have taken to the streets across America where they have begun protesting the injustices that people of color have been facing for hundreds of years. People are pissed off and they are fed up with how the police continue to abuse their power and make citizens scared to walk around their very own communities.

Minneapolis, Minnesota has seen the brunt of the protests, and yesterday, President Donald Trump sent in the National Guard to keep people in their homes. As you can see in the video below, a few National Guard vehicles were sent into a residential neighborhood and if people were caught outside of their homes, they were shot at with rubber bullets.

In this particular slip, you can even hear a soldier yell "light them up." Using language like this against your own people is true abuse of power and it is something one would expect from a nation overseas and not the United States. With the country exerting this kind of force against civilians, we can only hope that you all stay safe out there.