Today is National Pancake Day. Unlike most food-based holidays, there aren't a bunch of deals for National Pancake Day. The holiday started as Lumberjack Day in 2005 by friends who wanted to eat as many pancakes and waffles on September 26 as they could. For some reason, they assumed those are the only types of food that lumberjacks eat. The history of the holiday can be view here

The holiday blew up, because, who doesn't love pancakes? IHOP appears to be celebrating in a different way though. The International House Of Pancakes tried to rebrand themselves as a burger joint earlier this year, and now they're hopping into the brewery lane as well. IHOP is launching a pumpkin pancake flavored beer dubbed "IHOPS" (get it?). The new beer is a joint venture with Keegan Ales, a brewery based in Hudson, New York. Pumpkin pancake flavored beer falls a long way from anything I would ingest, but pumpkin flavored anything becomes popular around this time of the year. 

If you're interested in drinking some IHOPS, you'd have to head to New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut. The beer will only be available in the Tri-State area, and can only be purchased at select bars.