February 9 marks National Pizza Day, a celebration of the famous Italian delicacy that combines all of the guiltiest pleasures in one heavenly slice. Pizza comes with an endless supply of options that can be customized to suit the various tastes of pretty much any individual on this planet, whether you prefer the classic pepperoni and cheese or something more unique. Even those who are more food conscious are given an opportunity to indulge with gluten-free crusts and other low-fat toppings. 

As always, many restaurants are participating in this phenomenon, offering customers some savoury deals to help honour the food that has fuelled the hungers of billions of humans worldwide.

First up is Pizza Hut, who is offering 30% off all menu-priced items for people who sign up for their Hut Rewards loyalty program. 

Papa John's is allowing customers who order online to save 40% using the code 40PIZZA. One can also purchase a dual layer large or pan pepperoni pizza for only $10.

For those who are seeking a low-carb alternative, California Pizza Kitchen is giving customers the option to upgrade to their cauliflower crust free of charge today. 

Pizza Patron is allowing customers to purchase any large specialty pizza for $5.99, with no limit to how many orders can be placed at this discounted price.

Round Table Pizza is offering free personal pizzas with the purchase of a Pepsi fountain drink.

Chuck E. Cheese's is joining in on the celebrations by offering a free large thin and crispy pepperoni pizza free with the purchase of any large pizza.

Finally, Pizza Pilot J is giving away free slices of pizza to those who mPilot app and redeem their free slice offer before 8 am tomorrow morning.