Recently, HNHH caught up with one of groups behind the boom-bap sound of the early 90s, Naughty By Nature.  They talked about many things, including how they feel about modern artists, and specifically were asked about Lil Wayne’s recent comments that he was the “new Tupac” said during his rant over NBA All-Star Weekend.  The group seemed unbothered, but would like to see Weezy and other artists use their influence in a more political nature, much like Shakur did before his untimely passing. 

When we asked Naughty about new artists and the state of the rap game, Treach said some weak rappers need to leave, “Some parts of hip hop need a ‘hip’ replacement...but the other ones walking strong.   A fan for the most part, the N.J. rapper adds, “for the most part I like a lot of the youngsters right now...It came back to that era of making lyrical music.”

With over twenty years in the game, Naughty By Nature discussed their reaction to Tunechi calling himself this era’s Tupac, and the group as a whole seemed fine with it, but urge the YMCMB rapper and other big names in the game to try and help the youth.  “Lil Wayne can do whatever he want man, everyone has to account for themselves...We understand what Pac was about.  A lot of these artists they have the power of the corporation behind them,”  Emcee Vin Rock goes onto add, “just before Tupac passed away, ‘Pac was really on some social, political, rounding up to register voters.  He was on some Black Panther shit...we gotta use this hip hop culture to reconnect with the community.” 

Finally he says it’s much more than being a great rapper that would make you the heir to the fallen rapper, “If you’re gonna be the new Tupac, you gotta be the new Tupac.”  Showing that Tupac would actually appreciate still being in the conversation, Treach adds, “as long as he aint’say he was the first Tupac...I think Tupac loves it.”