Nav & Gunna Embrace Dismemberment In "Young Wheezy" Video

Mitch Findlay
January 07, 2021 14:00

Nav and Gunna engage in their most diabolical scheme to date in the disturbing and limb-laden visuals for "Young Wheezy."

Nav has never been one to shy away from embracing his darker urges. Lest we forget his 2018 video for "Dark Rituals," a clip that found him dabbling in the occult, partaking in some truly sinister rituals alongside a few select ladies of the night. Now, having had further time to ruminate on his next diabolical scheme, it would appear that Nav has officially outdone himself in the new clip for "Young Wheezy." This time, he's brought the typically innocent Gunna into his sinister world, giving him a baptism by fire with a truly disturbing video concept.

On the surface, a Nav and Gunna concert isn't something to be feared. Yet the price of admission for this particular shindig is alarmingly high. An actual dismembered limb, to be specific. Before long, the dynamic duo find themselves sitting on a truly hefty collection of severed arms and legs, unsurprising given that it costs exactly that to see him perform. Given the sonic aesthetic of Nav's actual music, it's a little surprising to see how eagerly he gravitates toward the macabre in his visuals-- but damned if it isn't working for him. Check out the unsettling new video for "Young Wheezy" now, and sound off if you'd commit dismemberment for a chance of catching Nav live on stage. 

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