Nav is a man of the elements. His salt of the Earth approach to rap game elevation. His affinity for taking to the air in a Lear Jet. His ability to spit fire when called upon. And now, his mastery over the aquatic domain of the sea, as displayed on the brand new album cover for Emergency Tsunami. 

Originally announced in mid-OctoberEmergency Tsunami emerged as a result of several studio sessions between Nav and Wheezy, who produced the upcoming tape in its entirety. Since then, it has been revealed to be dropping this coming Friday, November 6th to be exact. Interested parties can check out the project's official trailer, which seems to take a page out of James Cameron's playbook in sheer spectacle. 

As for the cover itself, well, it delivers exactly what it promises -- which is to say, a Tsunami that would most certainly cause a state of emergency. Though it's not exactly clear as to why he opted to stage this one in an unidentified Asian community, it's clear that Nav has a vision and he intends on remaining committed to it. And seeing as Emergency Tsunami will mark Nav's third official release of the year, it's fair to say that the Canadian rapper has caused some damage in his own way. Expect plenty more debauchery to follow now that he's got Wheezy standing in his corner.

Should you be interested in seeing what the pair have been cooking up, look no further than this coming Friday, when the Emergency Tsunami is set to hit with all the force of Poseidon. Are you excited for this one?