Nav has been a mainstay in the game for a minute now, carving out a unique lane as one of Toronto's most prominent voices. Known for his occasionally bowl-like hairdo and bespectacled look, Nav's Reckless has managed to capture the hearts and minds of many a listener. Lyrically, the man is of a simple mind, enjoying the pursuit of lavish lifestyle. Expensive clothing and available women are among Nav's many vices. Yet behind the seemingly never-ending party lies an affable man, capable of some formulating some deep-rooted hip-hop bromances.

Case in point, one of Nav's recent Instagram posts pay homage to one of the game's more adventurous young artists, lyricist slash fashion icon A$AP Rocky. Alongside the caption "NWO," Nav has shared a video featuring a blunt-smoking Rocky vibing out to Nav's "Glow Up." Throughout the clip, Rocky plays the hype-man of sorts, finishing sentences with a delay accomplished by the truly and deeply stoned. On the surface, the video is hardly groundbreaking news, nor does it spell any sign of upcoming collaboration. Yet there remains something wholesome about a hip-hop bromance, especially during a time where beef so so frequent. 

This isn't the first time Nav and Rocky have connected; the pair previously engaged in a heated game of Mario-Kart, which took place during Rocky's stop in Toronto. Peep the footage below, and get concrete evidence that Rocky is indeed a Nav fan.