NBA2K1 has been heavily criticized by fans due to the new shooting method that has left gamers frustrated. The enhanced shot stick was supposed to make shooting and ball-handling easier, as well as adding some extra control to post-moves. Unfortunately, it has been quite the opposite. Gamers across the nation believe the enhanced shot stick is instead leading to an increase of missed shots, especially beyond the arc. This caused a massive online backlash that has many players ditching the game entirely.

In response, 2K sports is updating the game. At least they're listening to fans. 

According to UPROXX, the folks over at 2K will be applying a hotfix today, Sunday, September 6th. The update will apply to Rookie, Pro, and All-Star difficulties and will help casual players become accustomed to the new shooting motion. The top difficulties and games on 2K Beach in the Neighborhood will not be affected by the hotfix. Hopefully, this will make things a little easier for casual players who have rallied against the shooting system. Other than the shooting issues though, NBA2K21 has been getting positive reviews. Are you playing the new 2K, and if so, how do you feel about it?