With the Coronavirus in full swing, there is still a lot of uncertainty when it comes to how the season will conclude. While there are plans to go to Orlando at the end of July, the recent spike in cases in Florida is making it highly unlikely that the league can return without a player or two being infected. There is a lot at stake here and the NBA is being extra careful when it comes to making sure that the players stay safe.

Typically, the NBA draft goes down in June, while free agency begins in July. Well, of course, everything has changed and according to Adrian Wojnarowski, the NBA has decided on some new timelines. Essentially, the NBA Draft will take place on October 16th and Free Agency will begin on October 18th at 6 PM.

Woj makes not of the whole tampering rule, which let's be honest, is extremely easy to circumvent. Teams have deals in place as soon as 6 PM hits which just goes to show that talks were taking place way before they were supposed to be.

Either way, these dates are important as they give fans an idea of when they can expect some normalcy to return to the league.