If you are an NBA fan, then you probably know that for the last couple of years, the league has been trying to contemplate new changes to the schedule. Thanks to the NBA bubble from last season, the floodgates have been left wide open for new discussions and debates. With the NBA play-in tournament proving to be a massive success, the league is curious about other format changes that could potentially enhance the NBA's brand and reach around the world.

One longstanding idea has been a midseason tournament between eight teams. This tournament would lead to a shorter regular-season schedule, however, there would be a special tournament that would come with a hefty reward, and it would happen at the midway point of the season. According to ESPN, talks surrounding this idea have been dormant lately, however, Adam Silver plans to bring them back soon.

Adam Silver

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The National Basketball Players Association and 20 out of 30 teams would have to approve such a tournament and convincing each party to go through with it would certainly be a tall task. However, European soccer clubs have proven just how well this model works, especially with entities like the UEFA Champions League. It remains to be seen what the NBA's proposal would look like, however, we could see an entirely different league in two or three years from now. 

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Adam Silver

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