This summer, it was revealed that the NBA was looking into claims of tampering within the league following suspicious activity surrounding free agency signings.

Now ESPN reports that league officials have issued a memo to teams proposing a $10 million fine to punish teams found to be in violation of tampering. Furthermore, the memo lists proposals that address a variety of other issues that currently plague the league along with the "widespread perception that many of the league's rules are being broken on a frequent basis."

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The substantial increase in fines according to the league is to reflect the 600% growth in revenue and 1,100% increase in franchise value that the NBA has experienced since fine ceilings were last visited in 1996. 

Among the topics up for discussion will be a new requirement that teams report when an agent or player is requesting unauthorized benefits within 24 hours, that teams keep track of correspondence with players and agents for one year at the minimum, and prohibiting players that are under contracts from requesting trades.

In addition, the memo proposes that five randomly selected teams be audited every year to assess compliance.

League officials will get the chance to vote on these proposals on September 20th.