Zach Lowe, a trusted NBA insider working for ESPN, has received word from around the league officials want changes drafted into the rulebook. Although it was previously reported that Adam Silver wasn't looking to stir the pot on Draft Eligibility, the corruption investigation in College Basketball has forced the higher ups to consider their options, and thus act out of principle.

A league memo is reportedly being passed around with a shared agenda of changing the rules no later than 2022 and as early as 2021. The league and players will meet at the bargaining table when the CBD expires in 2020, at which point draft rules can be rewritten or scrapped depending on a vote. If the current rules were expunged, NCAA players would be required to play out two seasons, barring any loopholes.

The memo sent out by the league serves as a warning for teams who were thinking of flipping their 1st Round Picks in the coming years, because if the players stay in college an extra year, picks will hold more value since the player pool will double in size. Other sporting league's have similar arrangements, others draw upon minimum age requirement. We'll just have to wait and see how this plays out. If the rules were to change, it would undoubtedly benefit smaller-sized college teams and help them compete with the Kentucky's of the World.