Coronavirus has led to the shut down of numerous sports leagues around the world, including the NBA. The season was just about to get good as we were approaching the playoffs, which would have started next month. Now, we are in a state of purgatory as the league is looking towards plans for the summer when this crisis is supposed to subside. Fans are looking for some much-needed entertainment right now and it appears as though the NBA is ready to provide that in the form of an NBA 2K tournament.

Yes, that's right, according to Yahoo Sports, the league intends to create a 16-player 1V1 style tournament with some of the NBA's best players. The tournament would start Friday and is set to include Kevin Durant, Andre Drummond, Donovan Mitchell, and even DeMarcus Cousins. It is believed that this tournament will be aired on ESPN and could last a total of 10 days.

Donovan Mitchell

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

This would be a lot of fun especially when you consider how deprived of sports we are right now. Any kind of entertainment is welcomed and we would love to see some NBA players get in on the video game action.

Who knows, perhaps we will be able to bet on the games. If so, who would you place money on to win the whole thing?