At the end of the month, NBA players will be heading back to the court to finish the regular-season and compete for the NBA title. With everything going on in the world, the NBA is looking to give their players a platform to advocate for social justice. Giving these players a platform is more important than it ever was before, and one of the ways the NBA is doing so is by allowing the athletes to wear simple messages on the back of their jerseys, instead of their names.

An approved list of messages was revealed just last week and now, some of the players are giving some insight as to what they will have on their jerseys. For starters, Chris Paul plans on displaying the message "EQUALITY," while Portland Trail Blazers superstar Damian Lillard's jersey will read: "How Many More."

Numerous other players will be displaying these messages, including Rudy Gobert, Kent Bazemore, Enes Kanter, Marvin Bagley, CJ McCollum, and many more. Some of the other messages include "Vote," "Freedom," and "Education Reform."

These efforts from the NBA are going to go a long way, and it will be interesting to see if every single player decides to go the social justice route. If so, it would be an extremely powerful gesture.