Next month, NBA players will be headed to Orlando, Florida where they will play in the league's first-ever bubble city. Here, they will be finishing out the NBA regular season and will also look to complete the playoffs and crown a champion. Of course, the need for a bubble city is all thanks to the Coronavirus which has effectively put many sports leagues on hold.

There have been concerns about keeping the players safe but now, it seems like there is a solution in place that could help many players avoid the virus. According to CNBC, NBA players will be wearing a brand new "smart ring" that can supposedly track COVID-19 symptoms up to three days in advance. It can do this by tracking your heart rate, as well as your temperature.

Whether or not this technology works, truly remains to be seen. Many fans seem to be surprised by this news as the rings haven't been publicized. At this point, you would think essential workers would be offered the rings first considering the danger they put themselves in.

Either way, the NBA is going the extra mile to keep players protected and it will be fascinating to see how this all plays out.