Sports fans have been in a perpetual state of agony over the past few months due to the global pandemic that effectively shut down every single league in the world. Sports are slowly but surely coming back and the NBA has been hard at work to try and find a solution for a return to play. This past week was a huge step forward for American sports as the NBA approved a plan that will include 22 teams heading to Orlando for eight regular-season games and fully-fledged postseason.

Of course, fans won't be allowed to watch the games in Orlando and the NBA is looking at ways to incorporate some kind of crowd noise to make it look better for the television audience. According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, the NBA is even considering teaming up with NBA 2K and using the crowd noise from the video game.

This would be an unprecedented idea for the NBA although it certainly has potential. There is no guarantee that it's going to happen but we truly hope it does, just because of the meme potential alone. In all seriousness though, the NBA is a progressive league and they understand the value of getting creative.

Hopefully, the players don't start glitching out like a game of 2K.