Rudy Gobert was the talk of the NBA yesterday as it was revealed that he was diagnosed with the Coronavirus. To add insult to injury, he ended up getting his teammate, Donovan Mitchell, infected. As a result, the NBA decided to shut the league down for an indefinite period of time. Sports leagues across North America have completely shut down and now, sports all across Europe have also been halted. It's a dire situation and people are scared.

As it pertains to Gobert, many are upset as he exhibited recklessness. He didn't think the virus was serious and acted in a disrespectful manner at various points. Because of this, many have called for the player to be punished. According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports, Gobert will not be facing any punishments.

Some fans are confused by the decision but at the end of the day, it makes a lot of sense. Punishing Gobert would just make things worse for a player who already feels horrible about what's gone down. Yesterday, Gobert issued an apology on Instagram that was directed at the reporters and his teammate, Mitchell.

Stay tuned for updates on the NBA's handling of the Coronavirus as we will be sure to bring all of the latest information.