With the NBA set to kick off again soon, the league is making sure not to take too many risks when it comes to Covid-19. Although this pandemic is slippery, and there are always going to be risks, the planned NBA comeback is well underway. As reported by ESPNif any NBA player misses their Covid-19 testing in the two days before team departure, he must arrange his own transportation to Orlando. That is where the remainder of the season will be played, and players begin arriving Tuesday.

The player can fly using a charted flight or commercial flight, all at their own expense. They may also drive. If a player drives or flies private, he must pass two Covid-19 tests. If the player flies commercially, then they must pass three Covid-19 tests. Failure to meet these standards will postpone the ability for the player to join their team. The Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat are two teams that had various people in their traveling party test positive in the past week.

The 22 teams competing in Orlando are slated to arrive in staggered periods. The first collection of teams is scheduled to enter the "bubble" this Tuesday. The next wave will enter on Wednesday, and the third wave touches down on Thursday. After a two-day quarantine after touch down, each group can begin practice.