It's been a rough few months for NBA fans as the Coronavirus has forced the league to completely shut down until further notice. The season was just starting to get good and it looked as though we were going to end up with some pretty magic playoff matchups. Of course, this never ended up coming to fruition and now the NBA is looking at scenarios for a comeback. For instance, the league has already began talks with Disney that would see teams play in one of their facilities.

According to Brian Windhorst of ESPN, there is a rumor floating around that when the league eventually returns, there will be no regular-season and that it will begin with a 16-team playoff. It has also been noted that the league might even consider doing 1-16 seeding to switch things up.

“I really think there’s a good chance that this is only gonna be a 16-team playoff,” Windhorst said. “If that is the case, it opens up the possibility for something that Adam Silver has long wanted, which is to seed from 1 through 16 in the postseason and go that route.”

There have been numerous scenarios floating around as of late so stay tuned for the latest information as this is a developing story.