Super Bowl LV goes down tomorrow in Tampa Bay, Florida and while this should be a joyous occasion, it will ultimately have to come with some caution as the Coronavirus continues to rage on. Typically, most people have large Super Bowl parties and unless you're extremely reckless, you will probably be doing away with your annual party, this time around. In fact, the NBA is urging its players to do the same, as they have sent memos around the league, telling players that they can't leave their homes or hotel rooms to join in on any big parties.

Of course, the league has had issues with the COVID protocol as of late, especially last night after an entire fiasco that dealt with Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets. Some people around the league are disappointed about this, including Washington Wizards head coach Scott Brooks who told ESPN that the parties will be missed this season.


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"I love watching it,'' Brooks said. "I love being a part, but this year is obviously different. It's not like we're going to have a Super Bowl party. I definitely like that atmosphere year to year, and a lot of times if you do have it on the road, you can have a big team activity and enjoy the game together. But this is obviously different.''

At the end of the day, these measures are for everyone's own good, although there will certainly be some out there who think it is simply too much, and that everyone should be allowed to do as they please. Until the virus is fully under control, this is simply how we will have to operate, for the immediate future.


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