Ever since Adam Silver became commissioner of the NBA, he has been looking at ways to change the league for the better and make the NBA revolutionaries when it comes to professional sports in North America. Just last month, Silver spoke about the possibility of shortening the NBA season and adding a tournament in the middle of the season which could even have implications when it comes to the playoffs.

In a report from ESPN.com's Kevin Arnovitz, he explained how officials from the league's teams have begun discussing the possibility of changing the schedule and whether or not there are any viable options.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Turner Sports

"According to those with knowledge of the conversation, which sources regard as very exploratory, the proposed reforms would be adopted initially as a pilot program," Arnovitz wrote. "The NBA would have the chance to observe the trial run and evaluate the long-term viability of such a schedule design."

One of the proposals called for a 58-game season which didn't get very good reception amongst team officials. Very few want to reduce the number of games by a significant amount which would limit the options that are on the table. If a change were to be made, it wouldn't appear right away as such a move takes quite a bit of planning and effort.