The NBA may not be as strict as the NFL when it comes to uniform guidelines & policies, but they’ve been known to keep their players from wearing certain colors on their shoes that deviate from their respective teams colors, but that’s about to change finally. For the first in league history, the NBA is allowing its players to to wear sneakers of any color at any point during the upcoming season, ESPN reports. The rule change is part of the NBA's ongoing effort to allow its players to be expressive on the court.

Of course, there are still some sanctions in place for using third party logos, which is common among custom sneakers, but it looks as though the league is loosening up its once-harsh outlook on colorful kicks. So look for a bevy of vibrant shoes to be hitting the court during this upcoming NBA season.

This news comes just days after reports surfaced that the NBA was also thinking about making some changes to the shot clock rule, which included a new shot clock that would reset the timer to 14 seconds following an offensive rebound, rather than the traditional 24 seconds (see more on that here).

We’ll continue to keep you posted moving forward.