Over the past few months, the NBA has been diligently working on plans for a return to the basketball court. The Coronavirus put the season on hold but with cases starting to go down significantly, the league feels as though they can get the rest of the season in through a bubble city experiment. For now, it seems like they want to do this in Orlando as the players could use Disney's state of the art facility.

As for the format of the return to action, teams still have to vote on that. According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, on Thursday, NBA owners will be voting on a brand new proposal that only includes 22 teams. Essentially, the top 22 teams in the league would be coming back while the bottom eight would stay home. From there, we would see a play-in happen to determined who makes the playoffs.

"There's a lot of focus right now on a 22-team model of bringing teams back to Orlando in a play-in situation. ... Thursday will be the day of the vote and it's expected to overwhelmingly pass," Wojnarowski said.

Clearly, Wojnarowski believes this format will be passed. If so, it would be an unprecedented move for the NBA although it makes sense considering we are in unprecedented times.

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