Doc Rivers is the head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers this season and he has plenty of great players around him, including the likes of Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. Both of these guys have been playing at an elite level and at this point, it is looking like Embiid could very well find himself with the MVP trophy. Of course, there is no telling whether or not this is what's going to happen, but for now, chances are good that he will at least be a finalist.

While appearing on ESPN's The Jump, Rivers was asked about his two superstar players and what he thinks they will win this season. Rivers noted that Embiid deserves the MVP award, although he had some interesting comments about Ben Simmons winning defensive player of the year.

“Ben is a lock to me. He just—he guards every position,” Rivers said. “And he makes such a difference. And not just at the rim. It’s everywhere. He literally at times swallows players. And I’ve not seen that.”

The phrase "swallows players" led to a whole lot of hilarity on social media as Twitter users immediately started issuing "pauses," all while making fun of Rivers' word choice. NBA Twitter ended up doing what it typically does best, and you can see all of the hilarious replies, below.