Lit Yoshi, who was allegedly involved in an April 2020 shooting that targeted an NBA YoungBoy affiliate, reportedly carried out the shooting because the NBA affiliate was set to testify against Yoshi for a prior shooting. The Advocate reports that detectives have found a YouTube video from March 2020, in which Yoshi calls the victim a "snitch."

The outlet explains that an arrest warrant from Slidell police shows that officers discovered the "intended target was likely a man signed to the NBA Youngboy record label who allegedly had a 'hit' out on him from a rival Baton Rouge rap group."

They continue to explain that "the man and another person, who was injured in the shooting, had just entered a car outside a Slidell apartment complex when they were met with a hail of bullets. The intended target, who escaped without injuries, was scheduled to testify against Edwards in court about a previous shooting. Detectives later unearthed a YouTube video posted in March 2020 in which Edwards called him a 'snitch.'"

Police used cell phone tracking to link Yoshi to the April 29th shooting as well as a separate shooting on July 4, 2020.

Yoshi is currently facing seven counts of attempted first-degree murder but posted his $1.82 million bail back in August 2020. Prosecutors have filed a request to revoke his bond.