Youngboy Never Broke Again made a major announcement today, telling the world that on September 11, he will be releasing his new album "Top." This is his first full-length body of work since his brief hiatus a few months ago. 

Fredo Bang, who hails from YB's hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is also releasing new music on the same day, and he's not entirely pleased that his rival decided to try and one-up him.

"Guess Me & My Son Dropping Together," wrote Fredo Bang on Instagram Stories alongside a couple of laughing emojis. 

It didn't take long for the news to get back to NBA Youngboy, who intimated his foe with his own comments.

"Ima catch you & bang yo scary ass," wrote YB, getting even more menacing in his video. "You a bum, you bitch ass n***a. You a bitch. Stop running from me. I ain't even in competition with you. Stop writing me. You a hoe."

In a second video, NBA Youngboy said that he could get with Fredo Bang's mother.

"I could fuck any bitch," said YB. "I could fuck your momma. You a bitch. You a pure bitch."

With Youngboy basically guaranteed to have a more successful album release, based solely on his mainstream appeal and popularity, do you think Fredo Bang has a chance? And is he qualified to refer to him as his "son?"