It's not every day that you get to meet a superstar like Youngboy Never Broke Again. While a picture and an autograph likely would make any fan's day, the 20-year-old rapper, who is currently celebrating yet another #1 album on the Billboard 200, decided to make one of his supporter's experiences with him even more memorable.

On Saturday, the rapper was spotted at a Taco Bell in Louisiana when Rachelle Watson and her 13-year-old daughter Tamia came across the Top rapper. The teenager approached him and asked for a picture, to which he obliged. Then, he handed her a diaper and told her to open it up when they got back in the car.

While that's a pretty strange request and a weird item to just hand to one of your fans, the gesture was incredibly thoughtful. 

Tamia opened up the Pull-Up in the car with her mom and realized that he had stuffed it with money. $1,000 to be exact. If only every diaper was filled with money instead of... you know. 

This begs a few questions. Firstly, when did NBA Youngboy become this generous? We know him to be an angry young man in his music but, in the streets, he's really out here making people's days. Also, why was he just walking around with a money-filled diaper? Is that regular for him?

Shout out to YB for this.