Youngboy Never Broke Again is one of the biggest things in music and, one of the reasons why his fans connect with him so much is because of his authenticity. It feels like the 21-year-old artist is still living his regular life, not making it far out of the streets despite having loads of money. 

As his music continues to gain him favor within the music industry, with his consistency being second-to-none, NBA Youngboy cannot seem to stay out of trouble with the police

This week, it's being revealed that a current investigation into the rapper is happening in Texas after a man was sent to the hospital following a studio session with YB.

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According to TMZ, the Harris County Sheriff's Office in Texas is presently looking into Youngboy Never Broke Again as a suspect in a brutal assault case. 

The man who was assaulted alleges that he and his girlfriend went to the studio to work on music with YB but that, when they arrived, they were told that no women were allowed inside the building. The man's girlfriend left. When the alleged victim walked in solo, he made his way to the garage, where Youngboy and his team allegedly beat the crap out of him. They placed a bag over his head and proceeded to stomp him out, kicking and punching him. 

The victim managed to get the bag off of his head for a moment, where he recognized NBA Youngboy as one of his attackers. He also says that he noticed a body bag in the room and, when he asked why it was there, the crew told him that they were going to put him inside of it.

The report reads that, after that point, YB hopped on FaceTime with his manager, who told the rapper to let the guy go because he had just beaten one case and didn't need more trouble. 

Somebody was then allegedly ordered to drop the man off in front of his house. Once he was dropped off, his mother and girlfriend brought him to the hospital.

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He had bruises on his legs and cuts on his face, but his injuries were not life-threatening.

The alleged assault took place on October 5.

Thus far, Youngboy Never Broke Again has not commented on these allegations.