The last year has been rocky for YoungBoy Never Broke Again. On the music front, he's never been more popular than he is today. The 20-year-old rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana is currently leading his city, netting millions of streams on a daily basis and becoming the undisputed King of YouTube. His videos always pick up an overwhelming amount of attention with his loyal fanbase going hard on each new song. On the legal side of things, NBA YoungBoy appears to always be in trouble for something. When he was first bubbling on the scene, a video surfaced of him allegedly attacking his girlfriend at the time. He's also been involved in a shooting earlier this year, which led to his arrest and a short stint in prison. Wasting away months on house arrest, the young rapper finally got some good news during his court hearing this morning.

According to a local ABC News affiliate, the Baton Rouge rapper, whose real name is Kentrell Gaulden, was officially taken off probation today. Judge Bonnie Jackson made the decision to terminate his probation, which was reinstated after he was found with a firearm during a Miami shooting. Gaulden was reportedly very quiet in court, refusing to say much about the case. Judge Jackson said that she has seen growth in the recording artist, agreeing to let him off the hook.

He celebrated on social media after the fact, posting a photo all dressed up in his suit and warning his haters, telling them to "watch this." 

At least he can enjoy a little bit of freedom now. What do you expect in the new year from NBA YoungBoy?