Several things are constant with Youngboy Never Broke Again. You know that he will always come through with a flurry of new music. You also know that there will be lots of drama about his personal life leaking out into the media. Finally, you know that fans will be clowning him for his previous herpes admission.

Several years ago, it was revealed that Youngboy Never Broke Again had been diagnosed with the sexually transmitted disease herpes, which he was actually referenced in a couple of his songs. While that normally isn't something that people would publicize to the world, YB willingly faced the consequences as people have been clowning him for years because of it. 

Recently, he invited a fan onto his Instagram Live to have a conversation, where he joked that he was bracing himself for incoming comments about herpes.

NBA Youngboy herpes
Cooper Neill/Getty Images

"You know, when you jumped on my Live, I thought you were going to hurt my feelings and say something about herpes," said the rapper during his conversation with the fan.

The man on the other line asserted that he would never disrespect the 20-year-old rising star like that, to which Youngboy said he was convinced that a troll was joining the stream.

Thankfully, no herpes jokes were exchanged.

Last week, Youngboy Never Broke Again released his new album 38 Baby 2, which will be the last collection of music from the Baton Rouge musician in a while as he has announced he is taking a break. The album is expected to sell approximately 75,000 copies in its opening week.