Although it wasn't plainly stated, NBA Youngboy hasn't been living in Louisiana for some time now. He's not about to spell it out himself, but all signs point to NBA's probationary clause restricting him to Atlanta, Georgia, the locale he was residing in at the time of his arrest.

This time last year, NBA had his probation extended, amended to the original 3-year stint written into his legal papers. Probation was the only real option on the table. What was he to do: shackle himself to a 10-year prison bid? 

Image via HNHH

By connecting these dots, NBA Youngboy's recent Twitter activity makes a lot more sense. Although there's context connecting his move back to Baton Rouge, with any motivation other than civic pride. He's just the type of guy to dispense very few words outside the bounds of his music, so Tweeting at random seems to me at least, unbecoming of the way he portrays himself on a daily basis.

Interestingly enough, Baton Rouge legend Lil Boosie recently issued a warning to young rappers, urging them to move away from their home states to avoid extortion. Having already taken that step himself, NBA is arguably in a different position, even though at the heart of "the issue" Baton Rouge would essentially bring him back to square one. Anyone of his fans will tell you: NBA is noted for his stubborn streak. There's only so much we as sentient beings can honestly chalk up to astrology. A stubborn move back to Louisana ain't one of them.