Youngboy Never Broke Again had one job. Make dope music. In many ways, he was succeeding in that endeavor. While still in his teenage years, the Baton Rouge rapper has already cultivated a respectable fanbase. Clearly, the self styled young boy has talent, and his full potential has yet to be tapped. However, his musical aptitude is cursed with a dark counterbalance - his temper. Back in February, YoungBoy was charged for assaulting and allegedly kidnapping his girlfriend; video footage of him shoving and dragging her through a hotel hallway didn't exactly paint a flattering picture. And while YoungBoy was recently released on bail, it would appear his legal woes have taken a recent turn for the worse.

According to TMZ, a Grand Jury in Waycross, Atlanta, found the young rapper guilty of both kidnapping and aggravated assault. Although YoungBoy's girlfriend didn't want to press charges, the Jury opted for far less mercy. As the publication tells it, they didn't exactly buy her story. For some context, NBA's girlfriend claimed that the pair were simply playing an innocent game of human tug-of-war. 

Unfortunately for YoungBoy, this is hardly his first offence. Back in August 2017, YoungBoy faced the consequences of yet another aggravated assault charge; he ultimately a suspended sentence of ten years, three years of probation, 250 hours of community service, a $5000 dollar fine, and a stern lecture from Judge Bonnie Jackson. Clearly, he words were not taken to heart, and the failure to adherence to law-abiding behavior has no doubt affected the outcome of his current predicament.

This story is still developing.