NBA Youngboy may be a man of few words, but they all seem to be hitting the right notes. His recent exchange with Kamila Kam at a charity basketball even is a perfect example.

The 50K Charity Challenge Celebrity Basketball Game taking place on UCLA grounds was attended by celebrities including Blake Griffin, Maria Menounos, Floyd Mayweather and of course Youngboy Never Broke Again.

Before Youngboy set out to compete, a media correspondent Kalima Kam rolled out some questions for him to answer. The correspondent had done her homework, but even field notes were of little use once she stood face to face with Youngboy and was met with his gaze. After being on the receiving end of a series of one word answers, Kamila finally broke the ice when she asked about Youngboy's social media presence. From the point on, both Youngboy and Kamila were in each other's pocket.

Here's the entire transcript of the interview, which I feel is worth read of its own after you finish watching the segment (above). The Q&A really draws you away from his winsome smile. You wouldn't win a single round of speed dating with his display of banter.

How you feeling today?

NBA: Good

Are you excited to play?

NBA: I don't know how to play.

So you just going to be bench warming?

NBA: Yup.

With a mouthful of ice?

NBA: Yup.

Would you play with your ice if they called you in the game?

NBA: Yup.

You only follow 5 people. why do you only follow 5 people?

NBA: I don't like to see a lot Internet stuff; It's weird.

Well thank you, you are very handsome in person. You are very handsome online as well. What's your favorite feature

NBA: You want me to take you on a date?

You can take me on a date. How old are you?

NBA: 22

Are you really 22?

NBA: I'm 18

I have a feeling we can wherever we want to go even with you being 18.

NBA: For sure.

Ok I'll hold you to it.

NBA: Bet.