Although he hints at themes of loneliness and sadness in his music, it is not often NBA YoungBoy opens up to fans verbally about how he's doing mentally. His personality in the media presents a successful young rapper who gets into trouble quite frequently, but it seems like there might be some internal strife going on for the Baton Rouge native. The 21-year-old rapper sparked concern among his fans when he recently took to social media to express how "lost" he feels

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

The "Toxic Punk" rapper went on Instagram live Friday night (March 19), his only active social media page, to express the vulnerable feeling. The live session seems to take place in a hotel room where you can also see and hear some of his associates in the background. 

While much of his speech is unclear, you can clearly hear the hit maker say, "..just sitting here.. Coz I’m lost.. I’m lost.” He continues to mumble something to someone off to the side as he waves a blunt in his hand before he adds, "I ain't gone lie, I need help." Watch the clip for yourself below. 

On the music side, it seems like his problems with his mental health may be spilling into his work-ethic. The rapper allegedly made J.Cole wait for 8 hours for a studio session he eventually never showed up to because he wasn't in the right headspace.

Hopefully, YoungBoy will take his own advice and get the help he feels he needs to get back to feeling like himself.