Youngboy Never Broke Again took a break from sledding through the snow with his new girlfriend Jazlyn Mychelle to spend time with the mother of his child, Drea Symone, posting a video of them together. The former couple has had their ups and downs, but they're trying to power through their personal problems to co-parent their baby to the best of their abilities. Kodi Capri, YB's daughter with Drea, was born two months ago. 

During their candid conversation, which the rapper was filming for some reason, he asked Drea to reveal her true feelings for him. Kodi's mother was clearly tired and just wanted to rest her eyes when YB asked the insecure question. "You know how I feel about you. Stop recording me," she said. He pressed further though, asking why she thinks people -- his other baby mamas, likely -- don't rock with him that much. "Why nobody like me?" asked the rapper. "Because you're mean," she replied.

Then, Youngboy asked her if that's the reason "why every b*tch cheat on [him]" to which she responded that she can't speak for every woman he's ever been with and that if she ever cheats on him, she'll let him know.

It seems like this was part of a pretty tense conversation, especially on Drea's end. The woman just wanted some rest. Still though, you can't say NBA Youngboy doesn't look after his kids. He's constantly popping up on social media with his different exes, showing that he's a very active part of his children's lives. While that's commendable, he might want to fix that "mean" problem if he ever wants to lock down a partner for the long-term.