NBA OG 3Three, the older brother of rapper Youngboy Never Broke Again, was reportedly arrested this week on unknown charges. There is presently a video circulating on social media, which was reposted by Akademiks and others, showing the moment cops found 3Three hiding underneath a house.

The video is not the clearest, but it appears to show a police unit, complete with a K-9, finding NBA OG 3Three under the house as he comes out. Witnesses can be heard speaking amongst themselves, confirming that the man being arrested is Youngboy's brother. 

As for the charges he's facing, that much is undetermined. We will continue to keep you updated as more information is released regarding NBA OG 3Three's arrest. 

Youngboy Never Broke Again is currently incarcerated, and it's unknown if his brother's arrest has anything to do with his own case. Youngboy was arrested several months ago on charges that he possessed a firearm as a felon and that he possessed a firearm not registered to him in a federal database. The sting operation that took him down was reportedly referred to as "Never Free Again," as claimed by the rapper's legal team

Watch the video below of NBA OG 3Three's arrest. Free Top and Free 3Three.