NBA YoungBoy is welcoming his fifth child into the world after his ex-girlfriend, Jania, gave birth to their son. Kacey was born on February 13 with his mother sharing a photo from the hospital, showing the world his tiny hand. During her pregnancy, Jania shared several updates on how she was doing, looking like she was about to pop late last year. While it may seem like this was the longest pregnancy ever, it likely only feels like that because NBA YoungBoy welcomed another child into his life just a few months ago.

Hopefully, YoungBoy is able to get his run-ins with the law down to a minimum so that he can continue to provide for his family. Just a few days ago, the artist and his current girlfriend were arrested for possession of marijuana and causing a scene in public. He has also been in the news because of his troubling history of domestic abuse. A video was released last year of the rapper tossing his then-girlfriend around in a hotel lobby, sparking outrage and leading to another arrest.

YoungBoy has yet to comment publicly on the arrival of his son. Congratulations to Jania and YoungBoy on the birth of their baby boy Kacey!