Wendy Williams will always have something to say. It doesn't matter if everybody in the industry ends up hating her-- she will be on her death bed being messy and sharing her opinion on the latest pop culture drama. And that's what we love her for.

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The talk show host is back at the office and she's been doing what she always does, sharing her petty thoughts on all of the entertainment world's hot topics. Of course, she got to talking about one of her preferred targets these days, Youngboy Never Broke Again and his ex-girlfriend Yaya Mayweather. Laughing about the rapper having his seventh child with Floyd Mayweather's daughter, Wendy gave the rundown on everything that's happened between Yaya and YB, including the time she allegedly stabbed another one of the artist's baby's mothers. The comments made their way to NBA Youngboy's mother's desk, and Sherhonda Gaulden couldn't be more upset about them.

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"This ugly b*tch don't have nothing better to do than talk sh*t about people," said Gaulden on Instagram in a since-deleted post. "Raise the dress up and let us see if you have a d*ck How you doing!!!!!!!!"

This isn't the first time that anybody has made transphobic jokes about Wendy Williams. Those comments have unfortunately been following her for years, most often being spewed by 50 Cent and his fans

Do you think Wendy went too far with Youngboy Never Broke Again and Yaya Mayweather? Watch her comments at the 10:22 mark above.