Floyd Mayweather confirmed what many have assumed for a long time. His daughter, Yaya Mayweather, is pregnant with NBA Youngboy's child. While discussing his daughter's relationship with the Baton Rouge rapper, he was asked about NBA Youngboy referring to him as Yaya's "b*tch ass daddy." "It has to do with your upbringing," Mayweather told Jason Lee. "It starts in the home first."


Mayweather ultimately explained he had no hard feelings towards NBA Youngboy over those comments, suggesting that the rapper may have been intoxicated off of some kind of substance when making those statements. However, Youngboy's mother issued a brief response to Mayweather's possible shade, though her sentiments seemed similar to those of the boxer.

"He gon' say it starts at home. But when I heard that, I really like -- I really ain't pay no attention to it," she said before throwing a bit of shade back at the boxer. 

"Any grown person knows you can raise your children to be the best children they want but they gon' say what they want. They gon' do what they want," she continued. "If Kentrell wanted to say he was a bitch ass daddy, that's probably how Kentrell felt at that time."

She went on to clap back at Mayweather, stating, "Don't blame me for what Kentrell told him."

"If there's static, there must be -- I don't, I don't like that shit. Don't talk about me. Don't put my name in your mouth," she said. "You don't know me, Mister. You don't know me at all."

In related news, NBA Youngboy and his crew's compilation tape, Never Broke Again Vol. 1 (Ain't Too Long 2) is finally on streaming services after being released as a single-song upload on YouTube.