This afternoon, NBA Youngboy took to twitter to announce an upcoming album, TOP, would arrive on September 11, complete with 18 new records. The rapper shared the announcement with a photo of himself, for what is presumed to be the album cover-- at least for the time being, as it stands-in on streaming services as well.

The photo is a dark black and white portrait, that finds Youngboy looking up into the camera just barely, a sort of unbothered yet menacing look on his face. Younboy wears a black long-sleeve shirt with a pair of chains. 

This entire description could also work as a summary of the album cover for Roddy Ricch's debut, Please Excuse Me For Being Anti-Social, and indeed, it seems like astute fans are noticing these similarities.

The latest trend on twitter is connecting the dots between Youngboy's TOP promo art, and that of Roddy, with users calling out Youngboy for "copying" Roddy. Meanwhile, a few defend Youngboy by pointing out that he did not actually invent the black and white photo. Otherwise, though, are taking it a step further, insinuating that Youngboy copies more than just Roddy's visual aesthetics.

What do you make of it?

View the two images below, and let us know if you think this is copy-cat-case.