In the past, NBA YoungBoy's relationship drama has been well-documented. At the top of this year, there was a video released that shows the rapper tossing his girlfriend around in a hotel hallway. At 19-years-old, the Baton Rouge artist already has four kids but he's getting ready to welcome a fifth very soon. Despite all the troubles that he's had with his exes, he's making enough money these days to provide a luxurious lifestyle for all of his children. With all the music he releases, you already know that he's raking in hella streaming money. With another son on the way, YoungBoy's ex-girlfriend Jania shared some maternity photos and it looks like she's just about ready to give birth.

"Awaiting my prince," wrote the social media personality as she shared a trio of new photos to show off the growth of her baby bump. It's unclear when the baby is due but from the looks of it, NBA YoungBoy's newest addition to the family should be coming anytime now. 

Jania Meshell has been very outspoken about her relationship with NBA, often going on Instagram Live to vent about what goes on behind closed doors. YoungBoy's Instagram has been completely wiped so he may be making room for baby pictures once his youngest son is born.