At a recent Hollywood Reporter event, NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt shared potential plans for the network in the foreseeable future. The interview had a few unnerving moments depending on where you stand in your TV consumption. For one, Greenblatt is a big fan of the 'reboot' genre even though those adaptations often come with high expectations which are rarely met. Never the less, NBC's Will & Grace reboot has been met with glowing reviews from its dedicated following, as was the case with Roseanne's reboot on the ABC network. With that in mind, Greenblatt entertained a series of proposals from The Hollywood Reporter's editorial director Matt Belloni.

Matt Belloni floated a couple of big name shows his way, only to find two piles emerge. First off was the rejection pile, headed by Friends, which is a show Greenblatt insisted would never be revived, as was the case with Seinfeld, for obvious reasons. Belloni also floated the idea of a Cheers reboot but Greenblatt insisted they were maybe twenty years past the point of generating any interest for that project.

Greenblatt did however reserve hope for 30 Rock, West Wing, and The Office reboots, stating they would all have to be executed in a sleight of hand. A West Wing reboot would require Aaron Sorkin to sort out his busy schedule, The Office would have to be done with a different cast altogether, and 30 Rock might be the easiest of the bunch to pull off, even though Tina Fey's new show Great News sort of covers that ground. Something's got to give.

[via AV Club]