Ne-Yo and Brian McKnight are probably sleeping easy tonight since their former manager has been found guilty for scamming them out of millions. Page Six reports that a panel convicted 42-year-old Kevin Foster of "guilty of wire fraud, money laundering, bankruptcy fraud, tax evasion and filing false taxes."

Kevin allegedly had Ne-Yo invest $2 million in sports water company OXYWater under false pretences. Kevin was said to have taken $1.5 of the money and invested without Ne-Yo's consent and took out a line of credit, forging Ne-Yo's legal name, Shaffer Smith. Brian was pulled in to the scheme by "funding" the operation, but really the money was supporting Kevin's lavish lifestyle of fancy cars, designer watches and season tickets for the New York Knicks and Giants. The publication says two others were convicted in the scheme. 

In other Ne-Yo news, he recently talked about the LGBTQ community saying it's about time the hip-hop community embraces everyone. "If rap is not embracing [the LGBTQ community], that's the only people not embracing them," he said. "I mean, they're here. They're not going anywhere. They're people just like us. I feel like they deserve the same respect so yeah, I feel like it's definitely about time."