Ne-Yo earned some backlash after his performance during George Floyd's funeral, addressing the audience and claiming that Floyd was a "sacrifice" so his kids could be safe

The remark did not sit well with people, who went after the singer and claimed his remark was inappropriate. After sitting with it for several weeks, Ne-Yo is stepping back into the spotlight and standing by his statement.

"We cannot let ignorance divide us right now," said the artist on The Morning Hustle. "I’m singing at this man’s funeral. You cannot believe that I meant anything negative towards him or towards his family."

Ne-Yo George Floyd
David J. Phillip-Pool/Getty Images

He added that he believes people should forget about trashing him for his speech, instead re-focusing on the things that actually matter.

"Let’s not mess up the narrative, let’s not get away from the narrative," he said. "No, he was not a willing sacrifice, neither was Jesus. Jesus didn’t want to get on the cross but he did it to save us, George Floyd didn’t wake up that morning planning to be a sacrifice. He didn’t plead and plan to go out and die for black people but that’s what happened and it's unfortunate that it happened that way but that’s what happened."

His explanation makes this all way more clear. He continued by doubling down on the comments. 

"So yes, it was a sacrifice. He wanted to be here but he’s not here, his life was sacrificed so that the change that is happening slowly but surely can happen," he closed.

Do you understand what he meant now?